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    I called Sprint on 10-19-2004 (I live in Los Angeles). They told me to call Lockline who then said to go to the Sprint store so they could look at my broken lid. Since it was not dropped or damaged any other way, they said it would be $10 (versus $50). About 3 days later I received a new Treo 600 (PalmOne version with the latest software for Sprint).

    Spint has always been good to me. This was my third broken lid. One time they gave me a $50 credit for my inconvenience (I had to go back to the store a second time because the first replacement order was filled out wrong).

    The Treo 600 is nice, but I do miss the larger screen on the 300. The keyboard is also easier to use on the 300 (wider keys-easy to read letters).

    On the 300 it is easier to read web pages (larger size-screen fonts)(Other than the web, you can adjust font size - I like large fonts).

    On the 600, I find the internet to be a little slower for non-mobile sites. I mainly use (on a bookmark) "small sites" ( which gives you a very large list of very fast mobile sites. Surprisingly, the 300 has more blazer options for resolution. The 600 only has images on or off options.

    I have seen on the threads that new lids and new batterys for the 300 are available from third party vendors, if you want to keep your 300 going. The Treo 650 corrects all of the 600's problems, so that's the jump to make.

    Overall, I would have been just about as happy with another 300, but it is fun to have a new Treo 600 phone. Thank you Sprint!

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    That's because it was replaced under the Enhanced Warranty portion of the Total Equipment Replacement. It specifies a $10 deductible for warranty issues not the $50 required for loss, theft or damage.

    I signed up for the enhanced warranty portion only for $2 a month. I'll take responsibility for drops and theft. I like that lock/line-Sprint will, for a smaller fee and smaller deductible, extend warranty coverage. I believe if I have to use the warranty portion I may be upgraded to a T600 as well. It seems warranty replacements are usually upgraded, whereas replacement requests for damage have been T300's.
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    My new Treo 600 that replaces my 300 came with a full 1 year new phone warranty. This is nice because my original purchased Treo 300 was over a year and a half old (long out of warranty). My refurbished 300 was also over its 6 month warranty.
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    I read about your experience recently. I just recently got insurance from Sprint for my treo 300 about a month ago. When you talk about your lid breaking are you talking about the flip lid? Did you have to turn your phone back into sprint or the insurance company? How long ahve you had insurance with sprint. My flip lid on my treo 300 feels like it is on the verge on breaking. Any feedback would be appreciated on this. I can be reached at

    Best Wishes,

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    To answer Adam ak33183 questions:

    I use approx. 3,500 minutes per month. With this usage I have experienced a flip lid breaking every 5 or 6 months. The right hinge usually freezes (with no warning) and the lid just snaps off. One time I noticed a crack in the right hinge and returned it for a refurb before it broke apart.

    If you are under warranty the Sprint Store will take your info, send you a refurb phone (or a Treo 600 I guess) and you send in your old phone in a prepaid mailer to Sprint. If Lockline is involved, you can call them direct. They will send you a phone and a return mailer. Please note I had to go to the Sprint store, call Lockline from there so that they could verify the phone was not mistreated ($10 charge for no mistreatment versus $50). Another note, if you receive a new Treo 600, you will need to turn in all your 300 stuff (Phone, AC adapter, usb cord, etc). If you get a 300, you just send back the broken phone.

    Good luck,

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    I have a refurb t300 coming from Lockline-I have the blue line on the screen and the synch port isn't working properly. I did it all over the phone with Lockline. I was told 7-10 days for delivery.

    A T600 might have been nice, But all I wanted was a working smartphone, Which I will now have -total cost-$2 a month (Enhanced Warranty Program) and a $10 deductible-I LOVE Sprint. Great coverage in my area and have always had very helpful and responsive CSR's.

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