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    Found this on Gizmodo not too long ago....

    WEDNESDAY, OCT 27 2004
    Sprint Treo 650 Will Support DUN Bluetooth After All

    filed under cellphonesMarc Hedlund, the guy at ORA who basically first made a bunch of noise about Sprint's boneheaded decision to cripple the Dial Up Networking portion of the Treo 650's Bluetooth stack, just got an update from one of Sprint's PRPRPR $executives$ $telling$ $him$ $that$ $a$ $post$-$launch$ $patch$ $will$ $re$-$enable$ $the$ $phone$'$s$ $DUN$ $capability$. $Sprint$ $maintains$ $that$ $adding$ $DUN$ $support$ $back$ $in$ $was$ $their$ $plan$ $all$ $along$, $and$ $that$ $forcing$ $users$ $to$ $subscribe$ $to$ $a$ $separate$ $data$ $plans$ $for$ $laptops$ ($instead$ $of$ $using$ $the$ $Treo$ $via$ $Bluetooth$ $to$ $connect$ $to$ $Sprint$'$s$ $Vision$ $data$ $network$) $isn$'$t$ $part$ $of$ $their$ $plan$ $for$ $the$ $devices$.

    Sprint's rep goes on to say they have no restrictions on the devices from a "pricing/plan standpoint," but I think it's important to point out that Sprint also stopped selling USB cables to connect to phones right after they launched Vision, presumably to prevent people from taking advantage of the all-you-can-eat pricing.

    So I don't buy it, I'm saying, but that doesn't really matter. What does matter is the customer base complained about a decision Sprint made and Sprint responded. I think that is a fine model for future behavior for everyone involved.

    UPDATE: Sprint Says Treo 650 WILL Support Bluetooth Dialup [OreillyNet]
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    this is the 3rd post of the day
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    this is what happen when we are too excited
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    I guess I did not look far enough down the list....

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