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    Hey guys:
    Ok, I recently purchases a Treo 600 this past summer in August. I want to get the new 650 just because I am a gadget freak. Is there anything I can do to get one without having to shell out another $600? I still have my receipt for my phone from Sprint, so maybe I could return it? I don't know. See if you guys could suggest some more options for me.
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    u have 14 days with sprint to return the phone.
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    I suspect most of us will buy the 650 and sell our 600s on Ebay.
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    Are they not offering an upgrade program ?
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    No upgrade program. As MVT stated, watch ebay in the next 60 days or so. There will be a bunch of T600's for sale as many sell them to upgrade.
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    That's why there's the Bestbuy service plan. Whoops, I dropped my treo and cracked the screen, what's the difference in price for the 650?
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    That would work, except the PSP has changed and they no longer give in-store replacements. You now have to get your phone replaced via an 800 number. Wahili had a very bad experience with this. I on the other hand had an excellent experience and have been givin in writing my pass for a Treo 650 on launch day.


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