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    When i treo 600 screen is blank ("screensaver"), gsm not work! If someone call to me. Nothing happening.

    If screen is on. All work normality.

    PS. Sorry my english =)
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    Hello kaveri,

    Kevin from palmOne here. By your description, I'm not exactly certain what the exact issue is. But perhaps this Knowledge Library article can help you in the first step of troubleshooting the issue: "Wireless mode not working"

    Hope that's of help.

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    Sounds like he's describing the "White Screen Of Death" phenomenon.
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    Hi. My wife bought a Treo 600 (GSm version) only 3 weeks ago in Hong Kong. We checked the firmware version and confirmed it was the latest. She has no problem with the phone in HK (i.e. when someone called or sent an SMS, the phone would ring even the screen is 'off'').

    For the past week, she was in Washington DC and Raleigh and she has the same issue as per described be Keveri. i.e. When her Treo screen is 'on', her phone will ring when I call or SMS her. When the Treo screen is 'off' (i.e. either she turn the screen off to save power or the Auto timer turns the screen off), her Treo will not ring at all (I was calling her and all I hear from my end is that she is not answering !!!!!).

    We ran some test as I called her Hotel (land line) using my land line. She turned on her Treo, I called her Treo from another line, her Treo rang when the Treo screen is 'On'. SMS also worked. Then we wait for 30 sec for her Treo screen to go 'off'. I rang her Treo again. Although from my end land line, I heard it supposed to rang and rang, BUT her Treo is actually not ringing at all. She then put the screen 'On' again. When I called again, her Treo rang again !!!! We repeated this 10 times. Please note that she has not moved her Treo around (i.e. should not be a signal issue). We also tried the test on both At&T GSM as well as Cingular GSM. The same happened. We also tested in 2 city - Washington DC and Raleigh, N. Carolina; again the same happen.

    So, my thought is that the cause may be (1) something goes funny when you are 'roaming' using your Treo since she has no issue when she was in Hong Kong (on our home GSM network); or (2) something related to how Treo 600 handled GSM network in US since US is on GSM 850/1900 where in Hong Kong is on GSM 900/1800.

    Keveri, where are you using your Treo ?
    Kevin from PalmOne, hope this provide you more info.
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    Well I have roamed using my GSM Treo (My home is in India, the Treo was bought and first used in Singapore) in Hong Kong, everywhere in US (NY, Washington, Boston, SFO), in Europe (UK, Germany, Sweden) So it must have used each of the 4 frequency bands at some time or the other, and never have had any problem of the kind described above. It must be something with the specific piece and not related to either roaming or frequencies
    Satish Joshi

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