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    I work at a small law firm (20 attorneys). Our IT consultants recently convinced our firm to adopt Goodlink during an upgrade to Microsoft Exchange Server 2003. Goodlink and Treo 600s replaced Blackberry handhelds and Blackberry server software. This recommended switch to Good was recommended and implemented less than 3 weeks ago. I now suspect that our IT consultants were gung ho and rush rush because they have a licensing kickback deal with Good. If not, why not recommend that the firm wait a month and buy Treo 650s with Versamail (for free)?

    I was a T600 owner (using Biz Connect) prior to the firm's adoption of Good. I have toi say that Good is not all that impressive and I would consider switching back to Biz Connect for the following reasons:

    1) Good eats up a TON of space on the Treo rendering programs like MMPlayer inoperable.

    2) Good does not supprt attachments on outgoing mail. This is ridiculous! All mail programs I have used (Inboxtogo, Biz Connect, and the PalmOne "Mail" program) allow you to attach word and excel docs. Not so with Good.

    3) Good appears to be sluggish and often interferes with other programs.

    What I am basically asking is - what advantage (if any) does Goodlink have over Versamail (especially considering the substantial sopftware license fees associated with Goodlink)????

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    I haven't seen anything that says VersaMail can do what GoodLink does.

    1. Does VersaMail sync more than Mail and Calendar? GoodLink sync's not just the user's Contacts, but the entire company directory and public contact folders.

    2. Does VersaMail (or ActiveSync) support Push and Pull? Everything I've read says that VersaMail is still a Pull client (which isn't all bad, but Push has it's advantages).

    3. Sure, Good is a memory hog, but I blame PalmOne for giving it's user-base so little to work with. I do think it's worth it nonetheless.

    4. You appear to be right about attachments, but for my user environment, as long as I can forward a message with it's attachments it's ok. Is that a compromise? Probably. But given the only means of decent storage is an add-on card, it's not like I keep copies of all my presentations stored on there (there'd be no room for my MP3's then) ... :P

    5. The current version of GoodLink (or 3.7 which is what we're running) is much better than the version we ran previously (3.0) with regards to speed. And it's a much cleaner product. It's never interfered with anything I run (LightWav, PTunes, and SoundRec) ... although, I wish LightWav could see the Good Alarms.

    I'm not saying that GoodLink is the end-all, be-all ... but it seems to me there are way to many questions about VersaMail to begin ringing the death bell for Good. Will VersaMail be enough for many people? Probably. But as long as there is a feature gap, there's always room for alternatives.
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    Yeah, VersaMail isn't a Good killer at all. VersaMail is only going to work for people who's company has their Exchange servers outside their firewall or in a DMZ. For most companies, they don't do that, so a Good-type solution is all they can do.

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    quake, I'm not sure that's true, about having the Exchange server outside the FW or the DMZ. Maybe, but I thought otherwise.
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    Quote Originally Posted by quake97
    VersaMail is only going to work for people who's company has their Exchange servers outside their firewall or in a DMZ.
    This is not true. You have to make provisions to allow SSL traffic from the Internet to the Exchange server on port 443 (ActiveSync apparently will only use SSL on 443). But it that is not a problem, you do not have to have the server outside the firewall.
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    Quote Originally Posted by OJM
    1) Good eats up a TON of space on the Treo rendering programs like MMPlayer inoperable.
    Good doesn't interfere with my MMPlayer.
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    GoodLink is a far better application than BizCon. I was a BizCon user for 18 months. I enjoyed having the ability to receive coporate email on my Treo. I switched companies about 6 weeks ago and they use GoodLink and RIM. I hate the size and limited functionality of the Blackberry so I choose to go with GoodLink. I was amazed by how superior GoodLink is to BizCon. GoodLink is a true Push application just like RIM. I get emails on my GoodLink enabled Treo before the Blackberry crowd gets theirs. The use interface on GoodLink is superior to BizCon. Fast access to the corporate directory was a huge seller for me. I would say that the lack of outgoing attachment support is a bummer but this is the best corparate email app on the Treo.
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    Good is not going to be replaced by Versa in the near future. Good's product offers business features that Versa doesn't. For example, administrators can limit attachments sizes, send broadcasts, force a password, and even erase user's devices remotely. Some companies care about those types of features.

    I've got an exchange 2003 server with ActiveSync and I've used it on several other devices. It works, but its slow. Good's emails hit my Treo before they do in my Outlook 2003 client.

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