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    uh, you can get them for under 50 if you look, check the SD forum.
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    I don't think you can get the SanDisk 1GB ULTRA for under $50. If so, then point me to the promised land where I can find 'em.
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    Exactly... this is not the regular SD card by SanDisk, but the Ultra II (10 MB/s read, 9 MB/s write).
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    can the T650's SD port even read that fast?
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    The new Panasonic card recently announced reads/writes at 20Mb/sec. It would be nice to know what the Treo 650 can handle.
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    Does anyone know the speeds of a regular SanDisk SD card?
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    Slow. Something in the realm of 2 MB/s.
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    I have both regular and SanDisk Ultra SD cards and the Ultra card is noticeably faster moving and copying files on my Treo 600 using FileZ.
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    Anyone know when the Sandisk Extreme III card will be available?
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    Trust me, you want the Ultra II and not the regular SanDisk. While the regular one will work, the difference in the speed is many times faster with the Ultra II.
    Only get the regular if you want a LOT of memory for CHEAP to store like a lot of MP3s on in which case it works just fine for MP3 playback. But if you're doing any kind of backups, photos, or other writing to the card on a regular basis, you want the fast stuff, especially if you want to even THINK about voice or video capture.

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