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    I have a Treo 180g which is dying rapidly. It's on its last legs and won't hold out for long. I need a PDA/phone soon.

    I know I want a Treo 600 or 650 GSM (I'm currently with TMobile, contract expired). I want to stick with TMo.

    BUT, I don't want to--moreso CAN'T-- wait till January or March or July 2005 when they decide to stock the 650.

    Should I try to hold out? Or should I bite the bullet and just get a 600 now (I don't need a super camera or new OS and the new features so badly)-- then get the newest and best in a year or two?

    I called P1 and the guy said not to get the 600, but that's an expected response from people who want to sell a more expensive new model.
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    I would just use whatever T-mobile will give you as one of their "free" phones and hopefully you won't have to wait more than two months for a 650.
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    I don't know if I can do without a PDA/phone... doubt they'll give a 600 for free...
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    TPucca, are you my TWIN??? MY T180 (via T-Mobile) is caked with so much epoxy holding the cover together that it rocks when I set it on the table! People I work with stare and point when I pull my T180 out (which I do often since I have almost 1000 contacts in it and Dictionary and the usual stuff). Since the rumors of T610 came out just before T-Mobile got around to carrying T600 I decided to wait. This wait continues. I have a great deal with T-mobile - my complete bill is 24.68 a month - so I would like to stay with them. But I don't think I can wait. I have a new car with bluetooth handsfree link but can't use it and so the T650 is really what I want. I might go with AT&T since they supposedly will have the T650 in December.
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    The 600 still has problems. I am on my 4th. I would suggest waiting for the release of the 650. At least if it is "buggy" you will hopefully have advance notice by waiting. If you have plenty of $$$ and patience then go ahead and try the 600.
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    Quote Originally Posted by OneDeviceGuy
    TPucca, are you my TWIN??? ... .
    Yes! And I'm just as anxious to get rid of this antique 180... I'm wondering how many hard resets and data restores I'll have to go through to get to the 650 release. Trying to stick with Tmo, though, because AT&T has bad reviews in the NYC area here.
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    I was in the exact same situation until I just bought a brand new unlocked Treo 600 on ebay for $365. I love this phone and will likely upgrade after the 650 price comes down sometime in the future next year. I have learned my lesson about early adapting. With 1 year along now the 600 has had firmware updates and is very stable. I don't mind the screen resolution a bit even though I will eventually enjoy the upgrade later. Get the 600 now if you can't wait. It's a great converged device and I wish I had acted earlier instead of sitting on the fence. There will always be something better coming along around the corner. You won't regret going from a 180 to the 600 a bit. The difference will blow your mind!

    Think First, ask questions later!

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