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    well, the 650's are being manufactured by another company, allegedly to address quality issues. let's hope we don't NEED replacements...
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    The questions are: "Is it fair?" (presumably, the policy) and "[do] they ONLY give you a refurbished one back?"

    I think it's painfully clear that service providers have the option of providing a cutomer with a) repairs on your existing phone, b) a refurbished/reconditioned phone, and c) a new phone.

    I don't really see anywhere a condition where it says they must give you a refurbished phone. Of course, one can assume that refurbed units will be sent out 100% of the time if in the best interest of the provider; however, the policy doesn't mandate that. And since it does not, you can fight for a new unit -- as I did.

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    The question at the top was "Is this the policy?".
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    Yeah, that's the policy unless you get one of those service plans from Best Buy or whoever. Personally, I think its better to get a refurb. Those have all the bugs worked out of them and have the latest software/patches. You'd never know if was a refurb unless they told you.

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    Quote Originally Posted by SeldomVisitor
    i guess i was referring to the integrity of the hardware... software glitches are annoying but don't surprise me. there is no way they can test every possible combination and permutation of all the programs that are out there to check for conflicts...
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    Ummm, look at the warranty TOS for most manufacturers. You'll find the same thing.
    For example, here's Viewsonic's:
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    Yeah, it's pretty clear in this policy that you agree to get a refurbished product in return for a defective one. They use clear and restrictive language also.

    Quote Originally Posted by olavf
    Ummm, look at the warranty TOS for most manufacturers. You'll find the same thing.
    For example, here's Viewsonic's:
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    I am on my 4th treo in a little over a year. THe first two replacements were refurbs. The last one I got about a month ago was brand new. Went into the sprint store treo is out of warranty (you think getting a refurb is bad I have heard that after you get the refurb you only have a 3 month warranty) no protection plan and walked out in 5 minutes with a brand new treo 600. Guess it depends on the circumstances.
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    a friend who was in a car accident and her one week old Treo 600 broke (internally), was told by T-mobile that if she had her original box they could give her a new one, but without it she had to have a refurb. She talked to them for hours on the phone.
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