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  • Unlimited Vision but crippled bluetooth

    16 64.00%
  • Full Blue tooth, but pay as you go

    3 12.00%
  • Neither. I demand unlimited high speed laptop access for cheap.

    6 24.00%
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    Here's the real question.
    Given the choice between unlimited web access (Sprint Vision Plan) with a "crippled" blue tooth (i.e. can't use phone as modem as easily)
    An uncrippled phone, but charges against your minutes for web access (Like Verzion),
    Which would you choose?
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    I'm hoping for software go get around the crippled BT. I'm hoping that the BT has been crippled via software and not hardware.
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    An interesting test would be to see if, under the BT data synch option, one can use PDANet with the T650 and a laptop. I don't see why that wouldn't work - since PDANet works on the same connection principle as a data synch.

    This would still give us the option of using BT between the T650 and a BT enabled laptop for internet access.

    As someone who uses PDANet extensively when on the road - and not able to locate / access a hotspot - this would add a point in favor of going to the 650.
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    Why not simply keep the unofficial 1gb/month threshold? That is what t608 users receive (at least the ones that transferred existing vision services to the t608)

    I think that most of us are simply looking for the occasional functionality, and not to replace our dsl/cable/dial-up service.

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    I guess i'ts not going to be a problem any more....

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