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    I want to get that 650 for $349, but don't know where the rest of the Roadshows/Tradeshows are. I can't find the link for the Palm One roadshows. Can anyone tell me if there will be any Roadshows/Tradeshows in Florida? Thanks.
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    I want the $349 deal, too, so I signed up for a Roadshow that I'll never be able to attend. Unfortunately, I think you need one of those coupons these guys have been talking about. For those with the coupon- did it direct you to a web page or did you have to send something in?
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    I was actually surprised that there wasn't one in the Atlanta area considering this is like one of the largest tect hubs on the east coast.

    I travel to D.C. a lot so I'm going to the one there.

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