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    I'm just wondering when the Sprint version is released will you get it quicker if you order thru PalmOne website, Sprint website or directly from a Sprint store? I wonder if Sprint stores will do a waiting list. Personally, I prefer to just order it from a website. Dealing with my local Sprint store is always a pain. It takes waiting for at least an hour to get anyone to talk to you. There is always a mob of people there. Even when they open in the morning there is usually a line formed at the door. What they do when you enter the store is take your name and put it on a list and call you when a sales rep. is ready for you. And then hopefully you get one that actually knows something.

    Actually this is pretty good timing for me. I get my annual longevity bonus each November 1, so I always have extra cash in November and December.
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    a lot of sprint people are saying it's faster to get it thru their website since sprint stores only get limited numbers (usually 1-5) plus they dont get it as fast. hopefully palmone will offer it first like they did before. but if they're not doing their loyalty program (unless you go to treo roadshow), i dont see them selling it on their website first. but seems like or telesales seems fastest.

    and.... DUKE > STATE
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    It has been stated on this site that you will not be able to order directly from P1 until after Sprint has their first go at selling it first. It has also been stated that Sprint stores will have it before you can buy it from the Sprint web site. Put the vice-versa has been stated that the Sprint web site will have it before the Sprint stores will have it. So time will tell.

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