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    Treo600kings will be there in all my royal splendour: Convoy includes 5 dark tinted 1500 suburbans followed by a dark Linc Continental with a lil siren on top, my 5 wives, 8 treos and my sketchpad(checkbook).
    lol. Will be there for the afternoon session. Guess we should all put TC on the badge next to our names as previously suggested
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    Will someone please tell me what the promo codes are?
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    I'm driving up from the south, and am signed up for both sessions. Any ideas where to park the car? Ride a train in? I'm not all that familiar with DC.

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    I will be flying in from Denver. I need to get over the Flu first.
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    Quote Originally Posted by MarkY
    (First post) I'll be in the DC morning session.

    I'm considering switching fron Verizon to Sprint and getting a 650. My only concern is will I be able to make a call from within the Metro (DC subway) which is covered by Verizon? I should be able to, but I won't know for sure until I try. I'll keep my Verizon account active and if the Treo won't work for me, I'll cancel the Sprint account within 15-days (or whatever the period is) and E-Bay the Treo. At $349, I should be able to recoup my money. Eventually I'd get the 650 on Verizon in that case, assuming they ever release it .

    Marky, I doubt it. I have sprint now and on my current phone (Sanyo 8100) and my previous phones (star tac and something else) I lost all signal once I went down into the metro. Verizon folks are talking while the train is moving underground while my phone is dead. I'm not that pressed to chat to people, however, so I've stuck with sprint due to the better pricing. The folks under ground may be roaming on Verizon's analog network, in which case it definitely won't work for the sprint version of the 650.

    Back on topic - I'm registed and will be there. Name tag should read Raja H. I'll look out for you guys...
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    1SFG: I use my Treo 600 on the DC metro all the time. There are one, maybe two tunnels where i get no signal, but for the most part it works throughout the metro.
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    I live in the DC Metro area. I registered for the show but can someone tell me what the promo codes are on the registration page?

    What can I expect at the show?
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    Rick, I'd recommend you park at Ballston Mall (parking fee is pretty cheap and the mall is well trafficked so less chance of someone breaking into your car). Take the metro from Ballston to the nearest station to the Ritz. That will probably be foggy bottom - been a while since I've had to hop on metro. The station has some good maps - and the folks working the booth are usually pretty helpful. To get to ballston mall - find you a good map of the DC Metro area. The mall is located at the intersection of Glebe Road and Carlin Springs Rd. Of course, you can always drive straight into DC itself and take M Street until you get really close to the hotel and find the nearest public parking garage. Probably more expensive than my suggestion though.
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    wikka - the treo must have a better antenna or something. every other phone i've used down there dies almost as soon as i get to the bottom of the stairs - be it at the van ness station, or virginia square. hopefully my experiences with the 650 will reflect better signal strength in the metro - and more importantly for me - in buildings where my sprint phones tend to fall off as well!
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    If I register...would anyone want to "sign" me in for me? I won't be able to make it but would LOVE the coupon. From what I understand, all you need to do is go to the registration table and say, I'm john smith with email and that's all that's needed. I'll help pay for gas or something

    Thanks for helping...(hopefully).
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    1SFG, thank you!

    I did a Google search for Ballston Mall, and the Ballston Metro route is via the Orange Line, to Foggy Bottom as you suggested.

    I'm signed up for both morning and afternoon sessions, and am wondering if I'll be able to get two coupons (gotta get a 650 for the wife too).

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    I got lucky. I am in DC that day, missed the Dallas show. I have signed up for the the afternoon session! See you there.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Rmcnelly
    I'm driving up from the south, and am signed up for both sessions. Any ideas where to park the car? Ride a train in? I'm not all that familiar with DC.


    I live in the ATL area. Will you be passing through?
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    Just out of curiosity, parking will be available at the Ritz, right?
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    I'm coming from West Point, VA which is just east of Richmond.

    ATL = Atlanta?

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    i want to, but i have too many things goin on unfortunately.
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    can't make it. prior commitments. SUCKS.
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    I'll be there 2.
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    be at the afternoon session -- (probably throttling the poor P1 rep who won't tell me when WIFI drivers are to be released...)
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