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    I'm flying in on one on my free Southwest Air passes, I missed Long Beach which would have been a lot closer, hey to save $300 bucks and spend the day in the big D, will put TC on my name tag in the afternoon session
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    almost here!
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    I was driving down to the OU / Texas A&M game anyway. So I thought, why not go a day early, attend a meeting and save myself a few hundred bucks. I can't wait to get a 650 in my hands.
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    Aggies are going to win.
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    I just got a confirmation email for the Dallas show.
    Remember to put "TC" on your name tag.
    See you there.
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    I can stop back in Dallas to pick up the monies.
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    I'll bet my bride.
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    Send pics please.

    "Age is only a number society has inflicted upon us to number our days on Earth."
    ~Stephen Todd
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    Quote Originally Posted by BssinRVer
    Aggies are going to win.
    Oh, please......they couldn't even beat the Baylor Bears
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    We are saving it for you.
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    Afternoon session.
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    Morning show... will have TC on the nametag!
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    Afternoon session! Will have TC on Name Tag
    Waiting for Palm Pre on AT&T then can replace my iPhone. Needs Doc To Go and Flash

    Mutley - Passed 4-18-06. A better friend one could not ask for!
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    Just recieved the phone call reminder for tomorrow. Morning. see yall there. I'll be the funny looking guy with the mohawk. ~
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    i am headed to the dallas morning show assuming i can get confirmation from the verizon people that the 650 will work with their system. currently i have a 600 but for $350 i will make the switch.
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    count me in afternoon show. another OU fan (okc). c u there.
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    Peyote, do you want to drive down together, I am in Moore. Not an OU fan, though my bosses are.
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    You need to go on down to the game. They still have seats left for $40.

    "Age is only a number society has inflicted upon us to number our days on Earth."
    ~Stephen Todd
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    Afternoon session. Tallish short blonde hair, TC on nametag.
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    I'll be there, TC on the nametag, afternoon session.
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