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    I know, this is Treocentral and most people here own a Treo 180, 270, 300, 600, etc. I would imagine also that a rather large number of visitors are using PalmOS phones not made my Handspring or palmOne and looking for a replacement. Perhaps looking to the Treo 650 as their next device.

    How many people here that use a Kyocera 7135 were looking to upgrade your phone to the Treo 650? Have your opinions changed since the official specs. have been released? Do you find the Treo 650 a compelling enough upgrade from the 7135? Why or why not?
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    Can't speak for 7135 (Sprint never did pick it up- to my disappointment at the time). But its a no-brainer to replace my 6035. Only thing I hate to give up (that you would too) is the abililty to roam AMP in the hinderlands.
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    ya, I've got the 6035 for 2 years now, looking to replace it, can't wait till Verizon picks up the 650.

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