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    Does anybody have any luck downloading this file?
    I've been trying to get it to upgrade my locked replacement treo 180 that I got from E-Bay.

    T-mo has been obstructionist at the least, lying at best. They keep telling me that they have snail-mailed the file to me on CD and it never arrives.

    If you can download the file, please drop me an IM and I'll send you my email addy to send it to.

    BTW, Free GMail invite as a reward. Also my eternal thanks.
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    I tried but it just keeps saying getting file information and then after a looong time, it finally gave up and says "Internet Explorer cannot download gprs_updater_v111.exe form

    Why get it from T-Mobile when you really need to get it from PalmOne support site:
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    Tried doing the download from the above threads but got nowhere. Does anyone have the installer update without the database search?

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    From: Tat Huen
    Sent: Wednesday, October 27, 2004 12:17 PM
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    Subject: Tried to use PdaNet

    I just got a Treo 180 from eBay and am using the CSD (circuit switched data) to connect to the web and work great albeit at 9.6Kbps. My service is with t-mobile and they want to charge $15 to $20 extra for the GPRS service of which I canít justify as I donít use the mobile data that often. Your product PdaNet looks like a good product to get my notebook PC on-line when I am in a pinch. However it requires GPRS as Iíve tried it already without the update software to my Treo 180 and it crashes the unit. I tried downloading the updater from and got nowhere and then tried it from and the download worked but will not install onto the Treo as it says I donít have GPRS service when it looks up their database. Do you have the updater that does not make this search and simply puts the application onto the Treo Installer? Thanks.

    Tat Huen
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    I get the same problems with the PalmOne updater that tathuen details. Still no luck.

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