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    If you attend one of the treo roadshows, you could purchase a treo650 for $349.!!!!

    50% off.......that's a gift in itself!!!!


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    Quote Originally Posted by IGoDwnTwn34
    If you attend one of the treo roadshows, you could purchase a treo650 for $349.!!!!

    50% off.......that's a gift in itself!!!!


    LOL, now this changes things. (I've always wanted to check out the Ritz)

    No seriously, the Nov. 18th Roadshow date might be a good time for me to check it out! Early adopters would have had it for a couple of weeks (hopefully) and have fed us the scoop + the $349, now that's no joke!
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    They never offer anything in Florida...
    Tina T

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    Quote Originally Posted by GeekyMom
    Personally, I plan to wait on the Samsung Smartphone. I owned the A600 and really loved it so it will be interesting to see how their Smartphone holds up.
    I kind of like some of the features of my Samsung VI660, voice memo, mobiTV, etc. But I'm definately getting a smartphone of some type. I need the PDA featurs and Exchange access. Which Samsung Smartphone are you waiting for? Are you with Sprint like me? Seems like the choices are really limited with Sprint.
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    Well before I heard about the Treo's Roadshow discount today it was the i550.

    JK, there is always Ebay if I still perfer the Samsung. Yes, I'm with Sprint too. I'm pretty happy with them (presently) they get pretty decent phones and they are getting the 650 first.

    Here is a link for the i550:
    "Everyday is a Gift, A Blessing, An Opportunity!" - GM

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    Another person thinking the Treominator is being quite reasonable. I just can't justify the price right now.

    If you want to give yourself a heart attack....try looking at the PDA2K...over $1000! Makes the 650 seem reasonable!

    Still....will wait for mine to die a horrible death before I replace it!
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    GeekyMom, I was also thinking that the Samsung SPH-i550 might be my next phone; I've used the i500 for the past year (Sprint) and really love the form factor!

    However, having lurked here at TC for the past few weeks, I've been completely caught up in the 650 excitement....
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    i agree with the original post. if your 600 does everything you need it to, perhaps waiting is the best thing to do. i was under the have to have the latest and greatest spell, but the more i think about it, the less i can really justify it. i say this now, but i am sure i will 600 dollars poorer in a month.
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    I don't know. I just sold my 600 on ebay for $ 450 and I feel like I am perfectly on line to get a new 650.

    Now I live in Miami and there is no wifi here at all.

    The 320 x 320 screen will be more impressive than many of the new competitor's 240 x 320 larger (fuzzier) screens

    The camera is 5 times better as seen in movies and pictures taken

    So I consider it a great upgrade.

    My advice: sell the Treo on ebay and do the wait.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Treominator
    REMEMBER: If you have a Treo 600, you are ALREADY cool in ANYONE'S book.
    Cool quote. permission to use.
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    Quote Originally Posted by treopod
    Cool quote. permission to use.
    Granted. Royalties accepted via paypal
    I have detailed files.
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    I agree with post #1. My Treo does everything I need right now. Sure the 650 would be nice to have, but so would the XXX$ that I will not be spending to upgrade.

    What I enjoy most about the Treo is that I continue to find new ways to use it. This month I'll be getting Pocket Quicken to get a more portable handle on my finances. I am constantly listening to Shoutcast stations...Really - this thing is just ideal for me right now.

    Since I don't NEED a higher resolution display, better quality camera (camera phones are still a joke in my mind), or Bluetooth at present, I'll just hold on until my contract with Sprint expires in about a year and figure out who has the best device and plans available at the time. Meanwhile, I'll have saved a LOT of money by not buying the 650 and all the accessories and upgraded software apps and....and....
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    1000 for the PDA2K, that is a new one. I gave $799 for mine, unlocked with the english rom. By the way it is not that much bigger than the treo and alot better phone. It did have a few bugs when it was released, but the amazing thing is they have already released a updated rom for it to fix those problems. Can you say that about P1.
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    Quote Originally Posted by specimen38

    Your's is the voice of sanity and common sense. I have been reading a number of "angry" member post and it's unbelievable. I have learned something about my negotiation power when re-newing my contract which comes up in January 05. Tonight, I went to the AT&T store to ask how much of a discount I could get a Treo 600 for with my long standing relationship with AT&T. Of course, this was an "dry run" exercise to determine what my bargaining power would be on the acquisition of a Treo 650. They said $449.00, which is a $100.00 discount off the retail price of $549.00. I later learned that -- THAT'S THE PRICE THEY GIVE TO EVERYONE. Beside that, it's too high. So after reading your post, I have decided to wait until January when my contract is up. Thanks.
    I just looked and you can buy a brand new UNLOCKED Treo 600 direct from Palm for $479.

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    The whole point of my thread was to give Treo 600 owners a "moment of sanity" amidst all the hoopla.
    Don't get me wrong, the Treo 650 is a wonderful device and quite an improved one.
    What I am trying to emphasize is that the introduction of the Treo 650 does not merit the same kind of mass hysteria that the Treo 600 generated.

    Basically, if you are already a Treo 600 owner, take a deep breath, a firm hold of your existing wundergizmo, grab some popcorn and watch the show. There is nothing out there that can take the thunder away from the Treo 600 at the moment.
    In fact, from initial photos the form factor of the new 650 is almost too "busy" with the extra buttons. And if anyone thinks this new model is not going to be buggy, then there might be some surprises in store.

    More importantly, I am already "set" with respect to the "aftershocks" - i.e. cases, cradles, even a AA battery portable charger. I am just as gadget crazy as the next person on this forum, but does all the extras that we would still need really justify the 650?

    As clarification, I paid 0$ for my Treo 600. In fact my Treo made me $100+
    I bought 3 at the rebated price and sold two of them for $685 and $ 645 before I even had the units in hand (this was clarified btw on the auction details, I happened to be one of the first in line)
    So, IF the Treo 650 is at a reasonable upgrade price, $499 or less, I might consider a stronger look, simply becasue of the fuzzy math above that could make me justify $200 out of pocket

    However, the more important question would be that since you will have to buy new sets of accessories anyways, why not take a stronger look at some of the other options coming out very shortly (which were non existent at the time of the Treo 600)?
    I have detailed files.
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