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    From: Jeff Marinangel []
    Sent: Sunday, November 07, 2004 7:59 PM
    To: Demo and sales customers
    Subject: Treo 650 GSM update

    We wanted to provide you and update that your Treo 650 GSM unlocked model order (works on any GSM network, ie. Cingular, AT&T Wireless and T-Mobile) is received and in our system.

    We are awaiting inventory from the manufacturer and will notify you as soon as it is shipped to our facility. It may be 5-8 weeks before we can ship so we appreciate your patience. We know you are looking forward to receiving your Treo 650.

    We will contact you as soon as inventory arrives and please know that if you are buying the device, no charges will be assessed your credit card until the date of shipment.

    Jeff Marinangel
    Vienna Channels
    palmOne Road Show Demo Program
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    Quote Originally Posted by SeldomVisitor
    I think REAL shipping by Sprint/PalmOne is doomed til next year, given the steadily sliding timeframe as noted above and in other related threads ("next week", "10 days", "2-5 weeks").

    We've already been told Sprint has bought the ENTIRE PRODUCTION OF TREO 650s FOR THE YEAR so I certainly don't expect REAL availability from ATT/Cingular til next year either. It's an interesting study in the blindness of fanatical faith that so many keep on forgetting that fact when discussing carriers other than Sprint, BTW.
    Please now add "5-8 weeks" onto that parenthetical list.

    How surprising.

    W.r.t. the "preorders", too, don't forget the REST of that post:

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    Just ordered from PalmOne. Paid full price, but I MUST HAVE ONE!
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    Quote Originally Posted by Tazzo
    Just ordered from PalmOne. Paid full price, but I MUST HAVE ONE!
    If you don't currently have a TREO but think you have a need for one, then the TREO 650 looks to be the one to get (indeed, since PalmOne used extremely waffling words about the price breaks on the TREO 600 for new buyers (and what they were NOT going to get!) I can't imagine buying a TREO 600 now at all).

    But for any purchase, if one is falling over oneself in unbridaled enthusiasm it might be best to do the equivalent of counting to ten before doing so.

    Especially since this is just a "preorder" period - a marketing ploy - thus you have lots of REAL breathing time before any order would be shipped anyway.
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    My 1st post!!!

    My wife and I are leaving St. Louis for the Chicago Show after work tonight. I can't wait to see the new model and get the discount coupon. Personally, I can wait a few weeks/months if I can get the 650 for $350.00 dollars.

    I'll post more if anything new comes up at the show!
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    Order #529 @ the Dallas Road Show.

    It may be 5-8 weeks until they ship but it'll still be sooner than I can get it from T-Mobile and I don't have to dork with a new phone number or resigning my contract to get a $100 discount.
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    its not that sprint bought up all treos (thats sprints spin), its that p1 had limited resources and in order to get a treo out before xmas season they dedicated all resources to sprint (and because sprint wanted them to also). P1 wanted gsm too but it was a matter of man power to get out by xmas. I think that's why u have conservative estimate on this qtrs revs, they were not even sure they get a treo 650 out. im starting to think the sprint 650 is gonna give positive upside.
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    Order (650 GSM) # 446 Dallas Road Show Nov. 4. Ordered about 1800 Central that day. Received first confirmation 1846 that day. Receieved "update" from Jeff email Nov. 7 , 1954 Central.
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    Haven't heard anything in a while. Order #210
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    Quote Originally Posted by IamVincent
    Haven't heard anything in a while. Order #210
    You should have received 2-5 email if you purchased Sprint and a 5 -8 if you purchased GSM.
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    Quote Originally Posted by cglaguna
    You should have received 2-5 email if you purchased Sprint and a 5 -8 if you purchased GSM.
    It was Sprint...
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    Those Chicago orders should start pouring in today.
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    Chicago Roadshow -afternoon

    Ordered immediately following: #59x (Sprint 650)

    No email yet on expected delivery...
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    #602 - Sprint
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    How long until you see ebay auctions for lower order#'s :-)
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    Got an order # in the low 700's after the Boston show.
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    606 Sprint - after Chi Show
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    731-Boston GSM
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    70x - Boston Sprint

    I spoke with Joe Fabris after the morning presentation...I asked him how the Vienna Channels program worked and whether I woule be getting a "brand new" unit or not.

    He said that the 30 day demo unit would most likely be used, possibly by more than one user. However, if I decided to buy, I would then get a brand new Sprint branded phone.

    I am still not exactly sure how it will work, but when I signed up via, I checked that I wanted to buy vs. the 30 day demo.
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    YOu should ask whether VC will get the phones as quickly as P1 is shipping them to direct order customers.
    Treo 650 rocks!

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