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    Order 386 Dallas show GSM
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    Quote Originally Posted by zvandiver
    I just tried again and got through.
    Sprint 650 order #388.
    What's the web address that you go to for ordering purposes?
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    Quote Originally Posted by TheHandlessKing
    I bet when you giggle, you bend your knees, bat your eyelashes, and cover your mouth. You giggle like a woman.

    That was the funniest thing Ive read all day. HaHaHaHaHaHaHaHaHaHa
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    Order number...4xx!?! Crap. That's a bunch of 650's to send out before I make the mailing list. Dallas Roadshow (after rush-hour traffic).
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    Confirmation of Order Number 428
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    I waited till I got home -- #484

    Oh well...
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    I was NOT going to upgrade from my Treo 600 to the Treo 650 (not impressed enough with the few upgraded features to pay $700). (I bought the 600 the day it became available over the phones... Oct. 9th or so 2004?) But now I'm going to Chicago on the 9th and getting a Treo 650 for 50% retail cost. Thank you TreoCentral!!! I never would have known about it if it weren't for this thread.
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    Order #485 - Sprint Treo650
    <img src="" border=0>
    The Woodlands, TX

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    When is the Treo 650 coming out?

    When is the Treo road show coming to New York?

    Do I have to register for the road show? and How?
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    Quote Originally Posted by dpuza
    I was NOT going to upgrade from my Treo 600...
    Wait 'til you get your hands on one at the road show... specs and threads do not do the 650 justice.... even though I ordered mine w/ roadshow coupon (Order #448), I was purchasing full price if I had to!!!
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    > ...Listed below for your records is a brief summary of your order
    > number and demo product request...


    I was under the impression that what was being sold were new/unused TREO 650s!
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    If you order a 650 straight-away... they are new. There is also an option to 'demo' a 650 for 30 days.

    From what I could tell... both are new... your just buying one immediately.
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    Could someone please provide Jeff Marinangel's email address? I only have the phone number but I would prefer to email. My searching has not been successful.

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    Just went to the Dallas show and ordered yesterday went I wasnt sure if i got the confirmation i emailed Jeff back and asked if he got my order and he sent this back
    View Order Number 376
    NOTE: the DUE DATE it says the Sprint 650 is coming DEC 7

    palmOne Mobile Solutions Roadshow
    User Group:
    palmone orders

    Order No.:
    Registered User:

    Order Date:

    palmOne Events


    Order Type:

    Due Date:
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    Which did you order -- GSM or CDMA (Sprint)?
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    order 492, sprint 650, ordered 11-5

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