View Poll Results: Do you think the next Treo (700?) will have integrated Wi-Fi?

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  • Yup, integrated Wi-Fi is comin' in the next year.

    35 60.34%
  • Nope, P1 is going to keep putting Wi-Fi off.

    23 39.66%
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    Quote Originally Posted by techjunkie
    Pennsylvania & San Francisco already have plans to wi-fi their entire city. Even major cities are beginning to see the importance of wi-fi.
    Also Cleveland, with the help of Case-Western University. However, that still only makes four and NYC is not free.
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    Wi-Fi is very important to me, I can use VOIP and surf the net while on campus without having any lag. As for WiMax that would be great, but currently there is no hardware small enough to fit into a telephone. Don't be surprised to find that EDGE is an intermediary step between GPRS and WiMax.
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    I want WiFi. But I also want TRUE 3G (UMTS on GSM.) If I had to chose one over the other I'd take the true 3G (but true 3G, not just EDGE.) If it still just supports EDGE, then it needs WiFi.
    In then end I would rather have both. I find many opportunities to use WiFi and if I can ever get an SDIO card, I'm so there.
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    I don't think the carriers will go for it.
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