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    Quote Originally Posted by MacUser
    So, how would a Mac User, no pun intended, use their Treo to connect their laptop to the Internet. Right now, I have T-Mobile with an expired contract and am willing to change carriers. I don't have a Treo 600 or 650, but I need one soon!
    Check out WirelessModem.

    BTW, this response from Sprint should interest a lot of people.
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    Quote Originally Posted by tymerock
    Keep reading, PDANet is not mac Compatible.
    Thanks, makes sense now. But there is WirelessModem.
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    Quote Originally Posted by bullitB
    The second problem - the one addressed here - is that they offer plans they can't really sustain, so they add crazy restrictions. "Unlimited data" on a PDA really means "as much e-mail as we think you could write in a month." If they were just up front and actually labelled their $15 "unlimited" plan as 15 MB or so, that would be fine, and we could just pay a reasonable premium for real unlimited access ($50 total would be competitive).
    I put between 50 - 100Mb a day through mine due to streaming radio stations all day while I'm at work. I've never heard anything from Sprint. People were saying the magic number is 40GB a month but no one really knows for sure.
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    I sent this email to PdaNet:

    > Dear PdaNet,
    > Will there be a future version of PdaNet for the Treo 650?
    > If so, when will it be released? (approximately: week, month, year?)
    > Will the Treo 650 version use the USB cable to make the connection, or
    > will it be Bluetooth only?

    Here was their response:

    "We will be releasing a version of PdaNet that runs on Treo 650 in a couple
    of weeks. Please check back our web site later. Yes we will consider
    BlueTooth support.
    PdaNet Support"
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    This boils down to people being cheap. Yeah T-Mobile has a $20/month unlimited, but their data network is slow and small. AT&T offers three unlimited plans: $25/month on a phone, $50/month on a PDA phone and $80/month on a PCMCIA card. I don't see anything wrong with that. Yeah, $50/month is expensive, but its truly unlimited. If you try to tether it to a laptop, they charge you something like a penny a KB.

    Sprint's network is small they apparently cannot handle everyone downloading like crazy. If you want that capability, you have to pay for it. I guess they feel that the more money they get from you, the more you can rape their network.

    It's just like calling plans, you want more minutes you pay more. You want more data, you pay more, it's the same thing. If you don't like what Sprint does, don't sign up with them.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Scott R
    They want to have their cake and eat it, too.

    Aren't you supposed to eat your cake? I mean if someone gives you cake, aren't you supposed to eat it? I would. As a matter of fact, I do. I was at a birthday party last week and someone gave me a piece of cake and I ate it. It would have looked odd if I had just stared at it. She would have probably said, "What's wrong? Don't you like cake"? To which I would have had to reply, "Why yes. Yes I do like cake. But I can't have my cake and eat it too, now can I"?

    I think Bobby Boucher's mom was talking about Sprint instead of that Vicki Vallencourt.......It shoulda been, "You stay away from her, SPRINT'S THE DEVIL"!!!!!!!
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