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    Quote Originally Posted by Crowza
    Has anyone captured video on the 600 and converted it to play on your desktop? If so, you'd know this is a huge leap over the 600 in terms of quality. Of course, I'm not saying it's usable. But it's definitely better than the 600.
    What software are you using to convert the 600 Video files? I am using MovieRec
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    Quote Originally Posted by modma
    Where did you get this information? I have to strongly disagree with you on that one. I've uploaded much bigger files to Sprint's PictureMail site.

    That information was given to me the first couple of times when I tried to upload the video from the 650. I got an error message saying, "The maximum size you can upload is 300KB". There might be different upload limits for video then there are for pictures. I don't really know why, I can only tell you my experience at the show.

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    Ok, here's a challenge to Treo users. A new site we're launching based on sumbitted videos. The holidays are here.

    So...we had this idea.

    People like to spread holiday spirit.
    People like to throw things.

    Let's combine the two.

    Post your best. Post your worst.

    Either way, we'll all have a good laugh (and use the video camera, good or bad).

    Happy Holidays.

    Shasta (Treo 650)
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    i find that i can only upload a 10 second video at high res. anything longer than that or larger than 256kb won't upload. why are the video files so large? also, is it possible record directly to SD?
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