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    we got enough power in the 650, an slot supporting a card supporting wifi ...

    so many 3rd party softwares gets written for the treos - I would pay handsomely for any such application, because all the other features of the 650 are more than enough for me.

    but for international travelling I depend more and more on wifi.

    who's on it already? or do we have to wait for official P1 drivers?!

    come on you geniuses out there! a customer wants to transfer his money!
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    pitech, the company behind the upcoming palmone-smartphone QDA-700, just confirmed to me by writing:

    "We are working (...) 3rd party vendor to offer Wifi for our customer. I would hope that it will be available by the time we launch ..."

    if pitech can do, why not P1? its an arrogant, dangerous minimalism of P1. more people will jump the treo-boat than people joining it if P1 thinks we customer are that dumbass.

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