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    I know this is the T650 forum, but everyone is hanging out here now and I desperately need help! My T600 has to last me another month until Sprint allowes me to buy a T650, lol....

    I had to do a hard reset to clean off the memory on my T600 , now when I do a hotsync on the phone to restore everything, after its done it goes into a constant soft reset cycle and will not stope until I do another hard reset.

    Also does the same thing if I do a restore from the SD card.....

    what should I do?

    Thanks in advance
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    Rename the backup folder from your hotsync folder under program files\handspring. Sync and let it restore everything else. You will need to go to your old renamed backup folder and see what is crashing your device. I would basically reinstall all apps manually one at a time. Trust me this is something I have had to do often in the past but works.
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    THANKS Problem resolved!

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