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    I just went to download backupMan software at bits and bolts and this is the message I rec'd.

    Tungsten T5 and Treo 650 Compatibility Notice


    The Tungsten T5 Update released today does NOT address 3rd party compatibility issues and thus does not improve compatibility with our software. palmOne has assured us that their next Tungsten T5 update will address these issues. They have not provided a date for the release of this second update.


    There are several serious system-level bugs in the palmOne Tungsten T5 and Treo 650 handheld that effect 3rd party applications. They do not just effect Bits n Bolts software such as BackupMan and FileMan, they effect all 3rd party software.

    These are not bugs in our software; they are bugs in the palmOne handhelds themselves.

    We have discovered workarounds for several of the more trivial issues, however there are still some remaining bugs cannot be circumvented at this time. We could make our software appear to work, however it would result in an unreliable long-term solution for our customers.

    Just as we were at the forefront of the Tungsten T3 SD Card corruption issue when that device launched, we are again working with palmOne on these new issues. We have provided technical descriptions of the problems to palmOne, and they have acknowledged them and are actively working on solutions.

    The Tungsten T5 and Treo 650 contain new technology never before seen on PalmOS handhelds and as such they also contain new problems and bugs which have also never been seen before. We are at confident that palmOne will have resolutions to these problems as soon as possible. We will post links to these solutions on this page as soon as they become available.

    At this time we have no further information to provide. We will post updates to this webpage as they become available.

    Page Last Modified 2004-10-25.

    Does anyone else know of isoftware ssues?
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    I just found the same message on the Bits n Bolts web site. There are also compatibility issues with Datebk5, but the developer has posted a new version that should solve any problems.
    Does anyone know of any other 3rd party apps that will have problems with the 650 OS?
    Can someone who has a 650 let us know how the switch from the 600 to the 650 worked (like the update from the 300 to the 600)?
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    yea and tell us which apps work and which ones dont so that the devlopers have a bit of extra time to try and make a fix
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    Does BackupMan work on the 650?
    Will BackupMan license transfer to the 650?
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    Quote Originally Posted by zvandiver
    Does anyone know of any other 3rd party apps that will have problems with the 650 OS?
    Memory management is very different on Palm OS 5.4 devices. I suspect that most 3rd party apps will require patches. On the medical front, it looks like Epocrates will be OK, at least according to their website. My favorite outliner, Bonsai by Natara, requires a patch. Here is what was on their support site.

    "The HotSync Manager version 6 that PalmOne shipped with the T5 has broken our install script. We are working to post a new version to fix this. Until then you can download an update from Here to install."

    SplashID responded to my email querry and said they were OK. AcidImage has already issued a patch. Agendus and DateBk5 are patching. Hi-Launcher claims to be OK.

    There are going to be a lot of posts in a couple of weeks.
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    Darn. I love backupman. I hope they can get it working, though.
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    Mossberg mentioned buggy software.

    TreoCentral peripherally mentioned buggy software - say, didn't they JUST have a TREO 650 for an extended period of time? How come no mention? Is that darn TreoStore link rearing its ugly head a-GAIN?
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    What are the actual issues? I have been running Filez on my Treo 650 without any issues??
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    Does not the 650's new flash memory configuration constantly back-up the device and make back-up Man, Buddy, etc. no longer needed?
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    Quote Originally Posted by antmelnat
    Does not the 650's new flash memory configuration constantly back-up the device and make back-up Man, Buddy, etc. no longer needed?
    Yes and no.

    If you use a 3rd party utility you backup to an SD card. This is very useful if say.., you're device goes into a loop and you're forced to hard reset to get it to work again. Also if your device breaks and you get a replacement, you just restore the last backup and boom, your ready to go like nothing happened. The new NVRAM is still awesome because you can run the batteries completely dead or take them out, but that's about all it's good for.

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