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    Read this on PalmAddict yesterday and really enjoyed it. Whether you love or hate the Treo 650, PJ Arts provided some interesting perspectives.

    I guess I am a Treo-nauts more than anything else. How about you?


    THOUGHT: Is pa1mOne sailing the right course?
    I haven't had much to write about for quite a while (though I'm sure a lot of people had hoped it would be permanent!). Too much flux, and not enough substance:
    1. The Yanks vs. the Red Sox
    2. The Presidential Race
    3. Which 'version' of Star Wars would Lucas release on DVD?
    4. What would be pa1mOne's answer to the glut of PPC devices that have been released during 2004?
    Well, now we know:
    1. It's gonna be a LOOOOOOOONG Winter (oh, Will Robinson...the pain, the pain!)
    2. No one said Democracy was pretty, congenial or sane
    3. George says his original Star Wars movies sucked, that the people who paid to see them and loved them can bugger-off, and we should praise him for changing them...yet...again. He's a greedy little kid, who's ego has grown in direct proportion to his talent's shrinking. Guess what? I'm taking my TXH-processed vids of the original films, and having them transferred (professionally) to DVD.
    4. This is the one that has everyone talking...and now it's my turn:
    The question that p1's newest releases (the T5 & Treo 650) beggar is: are these the devices that the Palm-Community-at-large has been waiting for and demanding?

    Cole Porter addressed these feelings in his song, "At Long Last Love"... ' it the good turtle soup, or merely the mock?' ' it Granada I see, or only Asbury Park?'

    Are we seeing 'real' Palm devices, or stop-gap devices? More in a long-line of reactionary PDA's, or something visionary?
    There are several groups staking claim to protecting the Palm "honor" (funny, but I've yet to hear my Vx complain about ever being insulted). Anything short of their definition of "Palm-tastic" is lambasted as a failure:
    The Utopians: every new device has to have everything that every other device from every other manufacturer has on new stuff
    The WalMartians: they insist on everything the Utopians do...but want it at a discount
    The Nostalgicals: the "old" Palm devices were good, beneficial, universally loved. Too bad it can't ever be that way again (sigh)
    The WiFirebrands: no matter how good the device is, they will condemn it unless it has WiFi
    The PDAces: No smartphone for them...give up too much power, screen, etc. What's with that antenna, anyway?
    The Treo-nauts: When will the PDAces let go of the past?
    I think their all missing the point to an extent.
    The LEADER is the one who is the most controversial, most discussed, dissected, has their competitors on their toes. Back in the day, that was hasn't been for the longest time. However, let's look at the past 6 months:
    p1 buys Handspring, and brings real talent and innovation back to Palm management
    The Treo 600 becomes the first truly successful smartphone, and has competitors scrambling to catch up. They are comparing themselves to a Palm product to justify their claims
    Although Symbian has a huge worldwide market-share, p1 takes over the #2 smartphone slot from Microsoft. This is the single most desirable market for p1 to succeed in, and the one that will open the most doors into the lucrative Enterprise market.
    PalmSource releases OS v6.1 (Cobalt), and signs a number of significant partners (outside of p1) who are committed to developing smartphones on this platform
    The T5 is released. Not to universal acclaim, but to universal discussion. It's been a long time since any Palm device generated so much heated debate. No matter how you look at it, Palm has clearly differentiated itself from everyone else with their focus.
    The Treo 650 is released after months of almost ridiculous anticipation.
    My point is this...everyone is talking about new Palm devices...not about how great the old ones were, and how shabby the new ones are. AND, to set the record straight: I don't know if anyone remembers, but the Vx was not universally loved, as the Nostalgicals would have you believe. Just as many people as berate the T5 for no WiFi berated the Vx for having a slow processor, and mono-screen...because the iPAQ had those things. Palm had no interest in being PPC's competitor; they were interested in being unique. I believe that with the T5 and Treo 650, p1 has recaptured that mojo.

    So, are these the devices that the "Palm Community" wants? The number of devices purchased will decide that. One thought, though, for those who feel that p1 isn't listening. The great English politician, Edmund Burke once said: "Your representative owes you, not his industry only, but his judgment; and he betrays instead of serving you if he sacrifices it to your opinion." Now, Ed Colligan isn't Ed Burke...but I do agree with the sentiment: popular opinion is a poor rudder to steer a ship by.

    Do I want more...hell yes! Will I leave Palm if I can't get the right tool with value-add...I've done it before and will do it again. Do I like p1's "attitude"...oh, yeah. pa1mOne has some serious Captain Jack Sparrow swagger these days. I believe that Ed Colligan and his buccaneers have a plan, are shaking things up and (with the advent of Cobalt) are setting their sites on a larger piece of the booty (arrrrrrr, matie...avast!).

    I think I'll sign aboard for this voyage, and see where it leads. I like the action.
    - PJ Arts, New Providence, NJ
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    Well said. By the way, I'm a couple of towns over in Morristown
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    Very interesting (and an excellent writing style I might add).
    Remember, the "P" in PDA stands for personal.
    If it works for you, it is "P"erfect.
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    Good article. Food for thought for all!
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    explain to us a little bit more about your cobalt vision, how the captain and his bucaneers might try to shake up things with cobalt?

    I for myself am happy to wait for another half a year (but not a minute more) if there's a light on the horizon ...


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