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    my problem with most cases is that when dropped it almost always scrapes the antenna. hummm or maybe that would be a problem with the antenna??? I'll ponder on that more, later.
    But what I would really LOVE is a brushed metal antenna housing. It would be so fitting. to me and my needs. then a side case and actually any case would be fulfilling of another portion of its purpose. Im currently using a customized snake skin Bellagio case
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    Would a metal antenna housing reduce reception at all?
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    My P1 Treo side case order arrived last night. Overall, I think this is a quality product. The leather feels good and looks good, the lighter stitching makes it look quite classy. The snap is very tight. Unsnapping it will be OK, but snapping takes a little more effort. No worries about pushing on the screen, you will push against the back of the Treo. The cutout for the headphone jack is exactly in the right spot. The belt clip is very tight, no need to worry about it slipping off. In fact, you'll probably need two hands to clip it on your belt. It won't totally slide over wider belts, but even with those it will probably put enough pressure on it that it won't easily slip off.

    All in all a good product....but I am not keeping it. For its screen size and having a keyboard, the Treo has a pretty decent form factor. But I concluded this phone is just too big to hang of my looks dorky. In fact...I noticed on my last trip to Europe that they seem to regard belt cases as a fashion faux-pas. For tiny phones it works for me...but for the Treo I have to agree with them. I'll just be using the standard case that comes with the Treo, and resign to keeping it in my coat pocket or holding it in my hand.
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    I'm convinced as well. Just ordered the side case and screen protectors from P1 site (free shipping and no tax). Now we'll see what arrives first the 650 or the case!
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