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    Since so many people seem to have issues w/ the camera, are there inexpensive small digital cameras of decent quality that use the same size memory card as the 650?

    And if so, could take a few "hi-quality" snaps, pop out the card, insert it into the 600/650 and be able to read the picture?
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    cant match inexpensive, small digital AND inexpensive that use and SD but my choice of point and shoot would be the Canon SD 10 .. lowest youll find is $299 but not bad for such a tiny 4MP. i dont like carrying 2 devices but during travel its the SD10, ipod and Treo.
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    HP's got some small ones as well here that pretty much use the SD.

    I've got a Canon D60 which is a 35mm format digital with interchangeable lenses and 6.3megapixels that gets used for most of my stuff after the 600's camera won't cut it.
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