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    I've been saying for a year now that I'd consider getting a photo/video iPod if it had a built-in SD/CF card reader. That way, I could empty out the card from my camera. IMO Apple blew it, but they'll still sell millions.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Amuka
    I'd probably wait until they bring out a ipod video player. Its only a matter of time.
    When I heard the release, that's what I originally thought the new iPod would be. I'm actually a bit shocked that it has no video playback with the increasing number of digital movie/mp3 media players on the market. The iPod MOV (I just made it up) seems like a runaway winner...come on Steve Jobs! And this is coming from a die-hard Apple fan
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    Quote Originally Posted by Amuka
    No, while on the metro. In line at the bank etc. Why not go all the way.
    On line at the DMV is number one answer!!! I could probably watch 2 movies while at the DMV
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    When is some enterprising company going to put one of those micro hard-drives in a smart phone for some serious storage.
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    I'm burned out on the whole iPod phenomemon (and I own a 15 GB model). The iPod has become a more ostentatious icon of conspicuous consumption than the Hummer. I can just see people showing me their "photos" when what's really on display is their ownership of the toy du jour. At least the Treo (the other toy du jour) doubles as a tool whose purchase can be rationalized. But I'm sure the iPod Photo will be all the rage this Christmas.
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    Quote Originally Posted by imageone
    I have a 15GB iPod now. The upgrade for me is not just the color screen. I have over 2500 photo's in my library and growing (which will auto sync) and a 3000 song library. Audio and, now Video out.

    The biggest upgrade really is the 60GB hard drive. I can have all the above and back up my PowerBook, carry hugh files. I can also load a lean version of Mac OS X and boot from it.
    Well said - you forgot battery-life improvements from the 3G version.

    Support for playing Keynote presentations and imovies would be a great addition.

    I can understand the other points of view on this one - the ipod craze is getting somewhat sickening.

    I picked up a 60GB today at the local Apple Store (It is surprisingly thick compared with my 20GB 3G) - went in just to be notified when they came in and they had received some this morning. Now I can't open it until I get my 3G on ebay.
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    60 GB for 600 bucks? I will wait for it to go down to 400. I am sure by then they will have an $800 dollar model i will want.
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    lol. actually my mind completely change rgd the 650 when I saw the U2 Ipod. I like!
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