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    Needing a new phone and wondering whether to wait for the 650 to come out in GSM or just buy a 600, I called PalmOne and TMo today to see if they would offer any scoop.

    P1 guy said the 650 would be available "soon," and when I muttered it would probably be two months, he said much sooner than that but they don't know. In-store rollout would be a week or so later. He did mention that a price drop on the 600 would be very likely once 650 comes out.

    TMobile had no clue when they'd get the 650.

    Sorry to have no news...just wanted to report the contact.
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    What version was the P1 guy talking about?
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    I imagine he meant both. I think I asked about GSM. From his tone, I would say it was within 2-3 weeks as opposed to Dec.

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