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    I have verizon and every time I get a new SMS message my phone resets. Also it seems to reset if I tell pocket tunes to play something but after the reset it works fine. I am running lightwav and lightwav calls ptunes to play a mp3 when I get an SMS but disabling that didn't seem to fix the problem so I'm not clear if there is a connection. Anyone else have this issue with Verizon or know a way to fix this (yes I could do a hard reset and restore but I'm loath to go that route).

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    What does the error message say if you type #*#377 and <dial> in Phone? What is crashing, in other words?

    I think you will find that Lightwav is your culprit here btw.
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    jot word complete has made me crash in multiple apps but probably not the prob. here
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    I have a similar problem. My Treo resets itself every time I delete the last SMS message in the inbox.
    T-Mobile is sending me another new one. This will be my third try.
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    Perhaps a replacement is needed but you'll not know that until you do that hard reset.

    My phone reset with anything data related (Blazer, SMS, etc.). After performing a hard reset and NO restore, it recurred. Verizon replaced the phone after having me perform the special hard reset and noting a reset when just launching Blazer.

    I restored from my BackupBuddyVFS backup and all is well again. The replacement has better reception and a better camera.

    These phones can work fine for a while and then go bad due to hardware or a firmware. VZW is pretty good about replacements though so it is better to exercise that option before the phone becomes completely unusable.

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