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    I've been using the Rogers Communications rebranded version of Visto "Mobile Personal Edition" on the Treo 600 together with the Desktop Assistant redirector. A recent update released by Rogers fixed the problem I'd been having, in which the redirector would stop redirecting every few days and need to be shut down and restarted. It hasn't needed restarting in several weeks now since the updated version was installed.

    The earlier, non-working, version was Desktop Assistant 4.4 for Windows, and the new working version is 4.5. It's being used with a Windows 2000 desktop and a Microsoft Exchange Server 2000 mail system. My only remaining complaint is that it tends to duplicate certain calendar events: meetings set as recurring on the desktop show up as a slew of individual events on the PDA, which then get copied back to the desktop as duplicates. Annoying but not fatal.

    I've been looking forward to the release of the Blackberry client for the Treo (hopefully Treo 600!), but by fixing the main problem with the Desktop Assistant I think it's now a real contest. Goodlink was out of the question since the Blackberry system is installed in -house, and supporting two systems wasn't cost effective. With the built-in support for the MS Exchange Server in the Treo 650, we may finally have some real alternatives.

    Incidentally, I had been using the Symmetry Pro redirector system, but again the redirector would always stop redirecting after a couple of days and needed to be shut down and restarted. Their technical support was unable to provide any useful info, and since Rogers offers their redirector system for free I switched, figuring I may as well not pay for crummy software if that's all that's available. Since then Symmetry Pro has been withdrawn from the market.
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    I am having exactly the same problem that you have described, despite working with the Rogers helpdesk to upgrade Getmail which is showing on my Treo 600 as version 3.5.15 re 1. Is there a version 4.5 that will fix my problem of having to reset my calendar on a daily basis for sychronization to work?

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