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    Whats the best email program?
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    I like ChatterEmail - it does "push" email and has a very active (and productive) developer, all for a reasonable one-time fee (some email apps are subscription based).

    Check out the developer's TC thread here:

    this should give you a sense of the frequency of improvements and other users' opinions. I think you can try it before you buy it too.

    The website for Chatter is
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    Depends on what you need. If you need POP3 in addition to IMAP, you'll want Snappermail.
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    I use chatter and tried them all and find it the best for me. I receive my company imap along with aol and yahoo mail all pushed with chatter mail.

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    Does Chatter do attachments now (like Snapper?)
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    If I remember correctly from Hofo, you use ENMOU on Verizon. With that, you're not going to want a push/always on connection like Chatter has. Snapper is a good option for those of us who need to control when applications connect and make sure they permanently disconenct themselves.

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