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    Alright, the software on the 650 combined with the hardware improvements have me interested. Yes, it has some major features lacking (voice dial, wifi support, more mem, etc), but I still think it's the best all around smart phone out.

    I'll upgrade if PalmOne offers a discount for existing customers, otherwise my 600 is working well enough. Any word on the upgrade discount?

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    Highly unlikely. HS used to do this, while Palm never has. Also, the releases of the 300 and 600 saw it simultaneously available from HS and Sprint. Sprint gave out discounts in return for service contracts, while gave you a repeat customer discount which was, in most cases, a larger discount than Sprint was offering.

    My wager is that you will only be able to get these through Sprint for less than the $599.00 advertised price, and only if you garuntee to never think about another wireless carrier again.

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