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    I have an unbranded/unlocked Treo 600 I purchased last April from Handspring with T-mobile service. The phone has worked reasonably well in that time, but just this week it has a big problem that I can't seem to fix. I am running the latest availible software/firmware.

    The problem: I make a call, 2-8 seconds into the call it just hangs up on it's own. Receiving calls is similarly frustrating.

    A clue: When plugged in, I can successfully make a call without it hanging up on me.

    Attempts to fix: soft/hard/and battery disconnect (press k & backspace while resetting) resets have had zero effect. Even when completely clean after a hard reset I have the same problem.

    Guess: The battery is probably hosed, or at least failing (although it still seems to charge normally and last just as long as ever.) Could be power regulation problems too... I notice a buzz when making a call (if and when I can) that I didn't have before.

    Who do I call to fix this mess? Do I take it to a T-mobile center? call Handspring/PalmOne? Any other suggestions?


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    Replying to my own message...

    I found the PalmOne service number elsewhere on this forum... called them, and I have a refurb replacement on the way. Surprisingly painless considering the amount of *****ing I read here. I guess it all depends on whether or not the replacement actually works.


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    Phone support was easy and efficient. 2 days later I had a refurb Treo waiting for me on my doorstep. I transplanted my sim, hotsync'd and was back in business. The refurb unit looks as good as new, and gets a better signal than my old unit (even when it was working.)

    I'm very happy.


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