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    Let's make a thread of questions we want SF attendees to ask.

    For one, I'd like to have confirmation from P1 (Ed/Greg) that a Wi-Fi driver is
    a) in the works, or
    b) feasible for an enterprising third party developer

    IF it's feasible, they'd be crazy to NOT develop the driver. How many of the half million 650 owners to be would put up another $100 for a Wi-Fi card? It's easy money for P1.

    Back to the topic. More questions?
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    Can you send DTMF tones while in another application (such as the address book?)

    Ever try to check your voicemail and add the new contact (and notes) to your address book at the same time? You have to switch back to the phone app to send DTMF tones to "control" voicemail... Not fun : (
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