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    SPRINT!!! Nov 14th Release. My boss's boss told us so!!! I'll be the 1st on the Block with the new toy!!!
    Sprints employees only get 15% off of products at FULL PRICE while customer get instant savings and rebates, so who's really getting screwed?
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    This is great news, Vodafone bringing the 650 to Europe. I left Vodafone in May 2004 for the horrible service of previously state-owned KPN just because they were the only one with the Treo 600. But when Vodafone offers the 650 I go back to them as soon as my contract allows me.

    Just yesterday I spoke to a Vodafone-salesperson in a Vodafone Citypoint shop and she said that Vodafone decisions on such issues are done in London and are valid for all Vodafone-branches in all the different countries in Europe.

    After a discussion with her and comparing all the features of the Blackberry and Tungsten they offer now, we concluded that there is something in between these two that could be perfectly filled with the Treo.

    Looking forward to it.
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