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    i bought my t-mobile branded treo 600 around may on ebay not thru t-mobile, it had been used for only a few weeks. i then registered it under my name on the palm one website. since then its been well used and probibly not as protected as it should. its farily scuffed from drops and pocket wear but nothing too serious. problem is that its has been acting flaky lately. recently i had to to a hard reset because it froze up in an application and would reset non stop only getting as far as the palm one screen. also the touch pad started to stop working at times. question is on the website it says to contact t-mobile for repairs but they wont do anything because i didnt purchase it from them. is what happend to my phone coverd under palms one year warrenty and if so will they charge me if the phone is in that kind of condition if they replace it?
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    arent they supposed totransfer you to palm?

    have you tried calling palm directly?

    i dont know if they will replace it from the symptons you describe.

    by the way, if they dont ask, dont tell.
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