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    My wife and I both got Treo 600's from Sprint. Mine works perfectly. But we're on her second one and we get the same problem. It'll crash and reboot when she tries to write a new text message and selects a phone number from the "Lookup in Contacts" pull-down menu. When she does send out a message by typing in the number manually, it's a 50/50 chance of my getting it (that may be a server prob?).

    Anyone else experience this? It sounds like a "Contacts" problem like others were having, but I could use a little guidance on what they did. We've tried a hard reset and it'll still do it. Thanks for any advice!

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    Hello Al,

    Kevin from palmOne here. There is one article at palmOne's Knowledge Library that may be of help for your contacts/reset issue. You can find the article "'A crash occurred on (date) at (time) while running Contacts: MemoryMgr.c, Line:3760,Invalid chunk ptr' (while creating an SMS message with Lookup in Contacts)" at

    Hope that's of help.

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    Great! We'll follow the instructions on the page and see what happens. We appreciate the advice! Thanks, Kevin!


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