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    The home button on my T600 used to cycle through the app categories now it dosent. When I press it, the screen flashes like it's going to go to the next category but it stays on the same one. The last thing I installed before I noticed this malfunction was facer launcher, but I unistalled it because I like the original palm interface better. Has anyone experienced a similar problem? Any ideas how to get it back to normal?

    I looked through all the options and didnt see anything about the home buttons function, and I'd like to avoid reseting the treo back to factory defaults.

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    First, try a soft reset.

    If that doesn't work, try a warm reset:
    hold the 'up' button on the 5-way nav while you press the reset pin with the stylus. Release the stylus then release the 'up' button.
    This procedure should override any software that starts on a soft reset.

    If your home button works now, you probably have a conflict with another app... from here, it's a process of elimination.

    If the reset doesn't work, I'm stumped.
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    same problem here, home button doesn't cycle through different categories after installing and uninstalling facer.

    i don't seem able to perform a warm reset, only a soft-reset (how i know for sure whether i'm doing the former or the latter?)

    dclutter1 did you get to solve the problem?

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