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    I just received this email from pluggedIn:

    The palmOne 4.0 SDK for the Treo 650 and Tungsten T5 is now available on PluggedIn!

    palmOne and the PluggedIn Program are pleased to announce development tools and resources for the new Treo 650 and Tungsten T5. The palmOne 4.0 SDK and simulators for these devices are now available to members of the PluggedIn Program. They can be found by logging in to PluggedIn, going to the Developer Community page and typing "SDK 4 0" in the search field, or by setting the Resource Type filter to SDK, on the Development Resources page. (Do not specify a device type, as the SDK applies to more than one device.)

    Please note that the 4.0 SDK is backward compatible to all our current palmOne devices. And, it is strongly recommended that you refer to the SDK ReadMe document for important information on this release.

    Best Regards,

    palmOne Technical Support and the PluggedIn Team

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    This probably will get shuffled to the developer's corner, but I haven't been reading that near as much as this room...I've been playing with it for a few minutes, and it reminds me of playing with the 600 simulator last year. Memories.
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    Great find! Thanks for the info!
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    Has anyone has problems getting around the PalmOne PlugedIn today? I am trying to download the SDK but there are some errors on the pages.

    Can someone email the SDK? or a link to another location where i can download it?

    Thanks, Timmay
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