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    For everyone who seems to be whining about the camera, here's some info.

    Treo 600
    0.3MP camera
    No low-light mode
    No white-balance settings
    No video capture mode
    Bonus: Ability to send pictures via MMS and e-mail

    Zire 72
    1.2MP camera
    Low-light mode (Auto, On)
    White-balance settings (Auto, incadescent, fluorescent, one more)
    Video capture mode
    Bonus: Effects (Colour, B&W, and Sepia modes)

    Treo 650
    0.3MP camera
    Low-light mode (Auto, On)
    White-balance settings (probably the same)
    Video capture mode
    Bonuses: Ability to send pictures, Effects

    So no it is not a 1.2MP camera, but I have my Canon A85 to do that job. I would never let a cell phone camera replace a real digital camera unless it could do at least 4.0MP, had extremely high quality lenses, and had 3x optical zoom. My Treo 600's camera has been great for taking quick pictures by simply pulling it out of my pocket, and the low light feature will be greatly appreciated, for example when taking pictures of friends at a nightclub and sending it to another friend who couldn't make it. For more high quality shots I just pop my A85 out of my backpack for some more serious photography.

    In case you're wonderring, Treo is supposed to be a great convergence of phone and PDA, the camera is just a cherry on top. (Maybe it's just that we Canadians have been slow to jump on the cameraphone wagon but yea).
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    oh Canada
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    Thank you!
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    That's right, eh?
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    So I guess this means that I shouldn't expect the same type of quality that my 3K Canon D60 is capable of? Sheesh, go figure. It only weighs about 4 lbs more and has a 25 by 300 Zoom lense on it.

    The pictures that are posted in the articles of the TC Staff....much improved over the 600. I briefly owned a Sony TH55 with a 1.3megapixel camera. Sure it was sweet but it wasn't going to replace my Canon. Even the 600 does the job well enough for shots on the fly.

    All the whining has given me a headache.
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    Well... I personally would like to merge all of my gadgets together. When i bought my Treo 600 I sold my Rio MP3 player, Palm M505, and my Sanyo 8100. Now I'm not a digital photographer so I dont really need a digital camera, but when I wanna take a quick picture just for my website then I would like to use my Treo, but the 600's camera sucks. Almost to a point to where I need an actual digital camera, seperate.
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    Outta curiousity... If the 650 has a .3MP camera, what does the 600 have?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Un4given
    Outta curiousity... If the 650 has a .3MP camera, what does the 600 have?
    0.3 too! only that 650 has a 'better' 0.3 quality
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    Im not too bothered by the fact that its still only .3 since it will finally be usable indoors.
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    The 1.3 would have been nice, but in reality a usable 0.3 is just fine. It's my phone, not my camera.
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    SERIOUSLY!!! Good thread!!! I agree.
    Camera on a phone IS just the Cherry on top!!! DON'T forget you have a whole CHOCOLATE FUDGE SUNDAE!!!
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    The jury is still out for me until I see some side-by-side pics taken with the 600 and the 650.

    But obviously there are many people here on the board who feel that the lack of a significant upgrade in the digital camera is a problem. Everyone uses their phone and it's various componments differently. I love quick, impromptu photography and I want the camera on my Smartphone to be up with the class and not left behind with antiquainted capabilities.

    It's not a matter of whining, it's a matter of an updated product having better, competitive features that are existing or emerging in the industry. From a business perspective, it will be interesting to see what happens with the sales of the 650 among 600 owners. To be #1 is one thing but to stay that way is another game.

    BTW, I have a new Canon digicam and it serves me well -- when I have it with me, which is not all of the time unlike my Treo.
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    The improvements to the phone sound (and look) more than adequate.
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    Has anyone seen the "self portrait mirror" in action? I have yet to see a pic or explanation of how that works.

    EDIT: nevermind, I saw in another thread that it doesn't do anything, its just a mirror. I was hoping it would somehow open up and let you use the camera with the screen facing you
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    Thats a rotton cherry
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    Hi Guys

    I have to agree a better camera would be a nice to have but not a deal breaker for me. The camera is just great to have for 'things that happen' when I don't have my camera with me.

    I agree with most of you guys that if you really want to take pictures then a phone camera is never going to compete (I have a Pentax Optio Si, 4 MP, x 3 and x4 zoom and a great Pentax lens and imaging system behind it). BTW this is a great camera and small enough to just stick in your pocket.

    Anyway just my Baht's worth.

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    I read some post some where that it would not matter if you had a 2.0 or higher because the lens is 1/4 in wide. The lens is the key!
    So why not replace/modify the lens

    just a thought
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    To me it sounds like all these people whining about the camera should approach canon or some other camera maker and ask them for a Camera with a phone/pda in it. That way you could have a nice camera bag, nice flash, extra batteries when needed, extra compact flash cards etc.

    I just cant believe the biggest complaint is the camera. This device is a pda/phone that just happens to have camera. I would complain about not having a stretch screen like the T5 before the complaining about the camera.
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    If the t600 has a 0.3mp camera, and the t650 has the same, then:
    t600 cam = t650 cam
    Now, what is the difference? Software? Size of the lens? Build components?
    Sorry, ain't that technical so I've no idea. I just like to entertain the thought that somehow, there's a way to actually upgrade the t600's cam (or software) to be comparable to the t650's. However, that probably wouldn't happen... coz the t650 wouldn't sell

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