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    I am getting ready to buy a new SD card to use with the Treo 650 I am getting ready to buy.

    For my use in the Treo, do the different speed ratings make any difference?

    Are the prices likely to stay stable or drop in the next few weeks?

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    Prices on the cards are continuing to drop, but they are already very reasonable if you shop well. Speed can make a difference, depending on what you are trying to do. For myself, a regular speed card does well for music, at least.
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    Thanks. Some posts have mentioned a bottleneck on theTreo as it relates to SD card speed. What is that bottleneck and does it render the different card speeds moot?
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    I have a 600 and am on my second SD card. I started with a Sandisk Ultra II 256K card, because I was worried about the speed issues reported here. It worked fine. I moved up to a 1G PQI card a couple of weeks ago (the cheapest card I could find at under $70) and other than storage capacity, can't tell the difference. I use the card mostly to store music and a few ringtones (using pTunes and CallFilter respectively). Based upon my experience, I'd say go cheap.
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