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    This seems like an incredibly simple question, but I have already spent an hour digging and I am getting no-where fast.

    How can do the simple act of copying a file (text, html, pdf, jpg, whatever) onto my palm from the hot sync? Is it even possible?


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    Get Palm File Browser.

    It will allow you to easily copy files your Treo and PC without using HotSync at all. It is far easier than trying to use HotSync for this purpose.

    PFB consists of a small Palm side app, and a Windows Explorer like PC side app. It will allow you to manage all your files, in main memory and on an expansion card, right from your PC's desktop.

    Highly recommended Oh, and it's free too, and I found it to actually work far better than any of the commercial programs of it's type which I also tried.
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    I too am looking for a way of doing this at Hotsync.
    Im not looking for manual copy (CardReader does a great job at the manual copy functionality)

    I just want to keep a current copy of a fille on my SD card without haveing to take extra manual steps
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    I've been searching for an app to add this functionality as well, unfortunately nothing... You can however get docs to go to synch Word, Excel files

    Wouldn't it be nice to be able to synch your favorites folder, from one machine to your Treo to another machine. Or even "My Pictures"!

    Mr toyz
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    There is a freeware tool called NoMoreMP3Trick which allows you to set extensions, such as .txt or .jpg and set which directory on your SD Card such files will go to when you hotsync. They only go to the SD card and if you don't have the right software you cannot use or view the files, but this is one way to keep copies of files with you for free.

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