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    1 year is way too long. Sheesh, 2 months is too long.
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    Quote from "Direct from PalmOne" article on main page:

    "He replied that it was a matter of resources, and yes palmOne will be indeed working on WiFi for the Treo 650. Colligan seemed serious about this, even in spite of the challenges that were demonstrated by Shirai. It will only be a matter of time before something happens."

    I'd say Shirai better get with it to get the Wifi card to work otherwise start looking for another job because Colligan seems serious about it. I'd bet they took a lot of heat for not having Wifi already builtin and someone quoted several other manufacturers such as Audiovox and even HTC themselves as being able to incorporate Wifi into their devices.
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    I do not see how an SD WiFi card is a solution, even if they can make it work. The 6XX is so memory constrained that one needs the SD slot for memory. Blazer is continuosly complaining that it does not have enough memory. I need for Blazer to be able to use the memory card more than I need a faster connection to the net.

    There seems to be a lot of strong feeling about WiFi that I do not understand. Perhaps it would help if people would describe how they plan to use it.
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