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    Did you catch the AT&T Wireless carrier on pic #2?
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    You mean Cingular lol.
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    Silver ones are GSM. Blue ones are CDMA. All the demos I'm seeing are GSM's. Can't wait...
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    he just updated the site with more pictures.
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    Not sure if there is a thread already on this, but does anyone know if the 650 phone application addresses the issue with hanging up call 1 when you have two calls going?
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    Smfish, you know you just need to hang up all, and the call you weren't in when you did that will call you back, right?
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    well it looks like the Treo 650 with the blue border around the screen that we first saw in that pic from the palmOne software store was for AT&T/Cingular! Who would have guessed .
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    Somebody needs to test one of these babies in a new Acura TL. Im dying to know if it will work in my car!
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    most probably it will work, as it works in audi
    there's not much bluetooth profile anyway

    just went to acura site, its using handsfree profile, so it will work
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    Not all phones equipped with a hands free profile actually work. For instance the IMATE, HP 6315, and mpx 300 all do not work in the Acura.

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