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    Quote from CTIA update (front page)

    "Intel predicts in 2007 that the phone will have a 500+ mhz processor , 5+ GB storage, and a VGA Screen."

    yes! 3 more years to go to get vga screen. and a 500mhz processor.

    i'm sorry i just had to post this! it made me laugh so hard after all the anticipation. they forgot to mention the crippling of the vga screen due to outside intense radiation and light, the reduction of the 500+mhz processor down to 300mhz for battery life, and 5gb storage but only through SD cards (i will mention that 4gb SD card should be out by end of 2005 and 2gb is right around the corner currently) but it will be 1x 5gb due to SDIO slot not having enough juice

    sigh where to begin. good thing they didnt promise wifi or 2.4+mbps specs - i might have been disappointed!
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    its not far fetched
    trust me

    dual processor phone is here...what's a 500mhz++?
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    I'm glad Intel does not make phones.
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    Quote Originally Posted by lazyazz
    I'm glad Intel does not make phones.
    they make the processor though
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    Yea but in I think thoes specs are too long of a projection. More like 2006.
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    sorry i didnt mention this before but... i was being SARCASTIC with the specs.... it's almost 2005... you would think they would have all that + more BEFORE 2007... dell's came out with 640x480 x50v a week or so ago, they have processors of 500+. now i know this is comparing apples and oranges, but pda phones out now have 400mhz (pda BASED i should state). one would think that with recent announcements of too many lcd screens that were manufactured and are sitting on shelves, vga wouldn't be that far away... at least not 2+ years! and 5gb? well i was hoping to see that BEFORE 2007. 500+ mhz? once again, that should be FAR before 2007..however... if this is indication to what PALMONE will carry, then yes, i believe it possible only because they seem so ancient lately in what they bring to the table. this phone should have been released in march as an UPDATED 600. i'm sorry to bring the forums down but a lot of what's been reported just seems so disappointing to me.... and even the price. i'm guessing they are advertising the $50 rebate because they don't plan on having an upgrade program. if this phone was $300 right now, plus $50 rebate from, yes it would be plausible.

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