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    Treo 600 Users,

    The Bluetrek G2 Bluetooth Headset with Treo 600 non-Bluetooth adapter is now available for purchase here at

    The Bluetrek G2 offers the Treo 600 user a wireless Bluetooth connection designed specifically for the Treo 600. Once in use the user can answer and hang up calls directly from the Headset.

    The item is offered at blow out pricing; $79.95. There is a limited number of units available for the US market, so please take advantage while you can.

    You will find that headsets of lesser performance are often priced higher than the G2.Treo600, so you’re essentially getting the adapter for free.

    And even better, if you’re considering an upgrade to the 650 at some point, you’re covered. Simply set aside the adapter and pair the G2 directly with the 650, it's that simple.

    For pictures and specifications, please use the attached link to access the TreoCentral store and learn more about the G2.Treo600:

    G2.Treo 600 - Bluetooth

    Thanks - Bluetrek
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