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    Anyone else get this? I thought the camera was going to be 1.3mp. It says only 0.3mp.

    Still MIDI ringtones.

    Doesn't look like activesync enabled. Using versamail (not a bad email client though).

    Doesn't say edge anywhere. Maybe I missed it.
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    Well, if it is the same camera, maybe one a developer will be able to figure out a way to get similar performance out of the 600 (assuming it's not a hardware improvement).

    Other than that, disappointing if true.
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    oh well... i'm saving up for a PDA2K
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    Yes, I got the same e-mail. Doesn't look like the 650 is much to write home about. No mention of wi-fi, and the memory is still puny. I guess I'll keep my 600 for now or else see what else is out there.
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    Anyone else get this? QUOTE]
    Yes. I got it. Typical Palm 1. No price, no availability. "Coming Soon." I am glad I do not like the product because I hate how these guys do business.
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    This si what I have read:

    The Treo 650 GSM version has Edge hi speed web. There is no wi-fi (but I'm sure some vendor will come up with something). Sprint will be the first to carry the 650 (same vision web speed). Sprints next 3G network will be faster then edge (but I'm not sure how Palm will implement it).

    Price for Sprint already set. $500 with renewal and other specials to come.

    Treo 650 offers better screen, better keyboard, removable battery with longer life, and several other new features.

    I read a while ago that there would be three versions. I'm not sure if they meant (1) one with camera, one without, (2) gsm and (3) cdma.

    I'm sure we will hear all the good news in the next few days!
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    Quote Originally Posted by HowardNow
    I'm sure we will hear all the good news in the next few days!
    Sure we will.
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    Quote Originally Posted by whmurray
    Sure we will.
    Uh huh.

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