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    Looking at the back of the 650, I see what apepar to be 2 ports behind and below the antenna. On other phones, these would be rubber plugs covering antenna connectors. The spec's show nothing about support for an external antenna. Does anyone know if one of these is indeed an antenna connector? (FYI...for those of us who live in rural areas or travel through rural areas, the use of an antenna mounted on the car can really improve reliability.)
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    the smaller plastic plug actually plugged the screw, the bigger plastic plug, its for an external antenna, same case as the treo 600 but i've never seen or heard any of these so called external antenna
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    By external antenna, I mean a cellular antenna mounted on your vehicle. I use this in conjunction with a bidirectional amplifier made by Wilson Electronics to optimize my coverage.
    Mark Bergman
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    Does it make a big difference? Do you have any links?
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    The PalmOne Car Kit for the T600 uses the external antenna jack.
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    As they say..."results may very". How much difference? It depends on where yuo are and the sort of coverage. I'm seeing places where I have 1 bar of signal strength on my Nokia and cannot make a call, but now get 3+ bars of signal strength and can makes calls fine. Look at
    I'm set up with them as a reseller so if you're interested, feel free to contact me directly so that I don't violate the terms of using this forum.
    Mark Bergman
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    What does the amp do if the phone goes into 1.9GHz band?
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    It amplifies as it does on the lower band.
    Mark Bergman

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