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    Ok, 650 great, Bluetooth great, but is there a stereo headset with mic (all unwired) available? Anyone know of any? I can't seem to find one at all.

    Seidio- maybe you need to make one for us.
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    check this one out. Looks like the perfect match for a treo 650.

    I hope it works. It looks the way to go for me since my laptop is not Bluetooth enabled and if I buy a Treo 650 I obviously won't be able to buy a new laptop

    After seeing all the niceties that a SonyEriccson could do paired with a Powerbook I think that after all the 650 is not that bad and that just the Bluetooth thing can get my cash. Thats if I find cash somewhere
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    Looks great, but pricey!
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    Yup! Everithing is pricey nowadays. But you got 4 things I think: Wireless PC headset to chat, Hands free for your Treo, MP3 player and a Bluetooth dongle.

    The thing looks nice too. If I even can afford the new treo maybe someday I would be able to buy one of those

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